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Fire Growth

Image courtesy of Ian Barbour

Many, many years ago, I spent five months travelling around the beautiful country of Australia. Of that time, I spent six weeks in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney in the small town of Katoomba. At the edge of town were The Three Sisters, a rock formation that towered over the vast and dense forest valley. I had the opportunity to meet a man who worked as one of the forest fire fighters in the area and he was telling me that there was a concern that the area hadn’t experienced a fire in many years. I found it odd that a fire fighter wanted a fire to come, but he explained that the longer it went on without a major burn, the larger and more difficult it would become to extinguish once it did. He also stressed the importance of fires in helping the forest regenerate and experience new and better growth.

It makes me think about how we control things in the classroom. Are we so worried about students ‘failing’ that we end up stunting their growth? Continue reading Burning