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Recently, I was talking with a colleague about Earl Stevick and the influence he has had on both of us. We discussed how his material, although much of it being written decades ago, has had a profound influence on the way we teach and learn. I was commenting to this instructor about how much of his work was still relevant and could be applied to different situations such as the use of technology in the classroom. This person suggested that I take the time to explore this in depth and share it with her since she knows Earl quite well and would love to tell him about how his work is being used in the modern classroom. I decided to take her up on that challenge and have started to read over some of his earlier work through the lens of technology in language learning.

Over the next few months, I plan on sharing some of what I have discovered through a series of blog posts. I am really excited about this and I have already spent a good deal of time reading over some of the original material I had on Stevick. Knowing the way I work, I need to set specific goals and targets for getting this done or I will head off on a zillion rabbit trails and never get back to putting it down on (virtual) paper. So, to make sure I am not being selfish and keeping it all to myself, I am asking you to keep me heading in the right direction. Check up on me and make sure I am doing what I promised. Comment on my blog to let me know that you either agree with me or think I am off base. Let me know if this is helpful or you think I should be putting my energy into something more productive.

One more thing, I am throwing down the blogging gauntlet and asking if anyone would be willing to take up this challenge as well. Find someone whose work has influenced you and reflect on it in a new way. Don’t try to create something that isn’t there, but see if there is some validity to looking at it through new lenses. Write about it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Let me know so I can learn from you. I promise to comment. Really.

So, here is the plan.

  1. Write my first reflective post before June 1st.
  2. Write one more post in July and one more in August.
  3. Comment on every post that is shared with me from those who took up the challenge.
  4. After I have finished the three posts, reflect back on what has transpired and consider moving forward with a new author and a new lens.

Thank you for your time. See you soon.

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